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“When you open yourself up to others
When you truly trust someone
And show them part of yourself
Part of your soul
It can be so freeing
To let someone see you
The real you
To be accepted for who you are
It helps you see yourself clearer
To accept yourself
It’s hard to find people
Who you can share a part of yourself with
So when you find people like that
Hold onto them
Cherish them
Show them that you appreciate them
Show them that they can trust you
Like you trust them
Have an equal openness with each other
This allows friends
And families
And communities
To grow stronger
And closer together”

“When night falls
I wonder
I second guess
I worry about the choices I have made
I start to regret
With age I have learned
That you can’t focus on the past
Or the future
You just have to accept
And live for the moment you are in
Because that’s the only thing
You can change or influence
By doing that
You start to accept the past
Accept life
Accept yourself
Which will help you accept the future
And what might come”
-L. Smith

“‘There is no one
Who can hurt me
Like myself
For I can take a simple statement
And twist it around in my mind
Till my body trembles with pain
And I wonder how anyone
Could be so cruel
To say such a thing

Yes, given enough time
My imagination
Can make the proverbial mountain
Out of a molehill”


"I’ve often wondered
Why I loved you
A love given
With nothing in return
But an occasional smile
And a gentle word
Enough to keep me hanging on
Hoping that Love might grow

And I couldn’t help but know
A feeling of relief
When finally it was over

But now I frequently ask myself
Can something be over
That never really began”


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